He was left alone with that fucking red tie, 2008, Size: 120x100 cm

She was still in control, but for how long?, 2008, Size:150x120 cm

In the darkness, everyone seems desperate, 2008, Size: 150x120 cm

DonĀ“t blow it, 2008, Size: 120x100 cm

Every day they came out to see him make a new stunt, 2009, Size: 2x80x80 cm

They were just friends, 2009, Size: 150x120 cm

Now she was close to matchpoint, 2009, Size: 100x120 cm

They were still waiting for the right moment, but what if .., 2009, Size: 3x50x50 cm

They both knew it was mission impossible, 2009, Size: 3x50x50 cm

A stranger from the book of faces, 2009, Size: 120x100 cm